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        Questions to ask before hiring a life coach

It’s important to find a connection with the right life coach that will work with you to obtain your goals.

Think of these following questions before you decide on a coach.

1. What concern do you need guidance with in order to move forward in your life?  What is your vision for your future? The more prepared you are, the more you will get from coaching.

2.  What is missing for you to obtain happiness? Are you in need of improving your health? relationship with self or others? career concerns?  Knowing your goals will assist you in finding the “right” coach.

3. What is the educational background/training of the life coach?

4. What makes the coach an expert or authority in his/her field?
Do they have any reviews by previous clients?

5. Are you open to change? A qualified life coach is interested in helping your grow, explore your choices, achieve your goals, and maybe even stretch and expand your horizons and potential. A life coach uses a critical eye to guide you and support you and provides honest feedback, but does not tell you what to do. The focus is on helping you with the process of changing behavior.

6. Life coaching is not a substitute for mental health counseling.
Understand the difference.

7. How do I know if the life coaching sessions are working?

A professionally trained life coach will help you set clear goals that are in alignment with your intention. Work with your life coach to set a reasonable time frame.  My process involves evaluating after 4four coaching sessions.

It takes time to get moving in a forward direction so it is important to discuss, process and define the steps necessary to obtain the goals you desire.

Good luck in your search.  Please feel free to contact me @ 828-507-1171 for additional information or clarification.  OR visit my web site www.maryellenlipinski.com.